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Place: home

Poison: Pepsi max

Favorite things: printing photos of max!

Today I group skyped, two great friends on from Sydney and one from Seattle. We all worked together 5 years ago and now all are having babies within months of each other.

We swapped stories of birth, pregnancy, sleep and lack there of.

The three way video Skype was revolutionary!

Then tonight we downloaded from iTunes a rental copy of the machine gun preacher, ready for his testimony this weekend. He’s in our city and we wanted to watch the movie. So instead of searching video shops, we pressed a button and downloaded it instead.

Technology is so my friend, yet often we are so afraid of its power. I know many people who really shy away from the future, stuck in the way we did things in the past, because it’s comfortable.

Often when I download a new application or I sign up for a new form of media, I have a few moments of terror as I start to try and work out how to function within the limits of this new technology.

These are the moments when I consider walking away. I always work it out though.

As I lay here in bed typing to you, whilst my husband skypes his Russian friend working in maylasia, I am overwhelmed at the capacity technology provides us.

Tomorrow as we three way Skype between charls parents in New Zealand, his Ouma in South Africa and us in little old shoalwater, I know my heart will be overwhelmed at the privileges we have today.

Don’t shy away from technology in fear, embrace its power.

You never know what creative inspiration it will unlock in your world.



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