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Operation fear not

Place: the couch

Poison: pumpkin soup

Favourite things: my husbands hoodie!

Winter has truly arrived at our house. My bedroom looks like a Chinese laundry with baby washing hanging on every pillar and post, I have developed a flu and the cold has set in deliberately.

Today I sniffled my way through the day and honestly didn’t have much energy or time to ponder all that I feared. Till I listened to the news about the lovely lady who was killed in Phuket. My sister flies there solo in a couple of weeks and my thoughts went downward.

What is it about our minds?

We can stop the thought, then it creeps back. We can think on other things and it sneaks around the back gate and knocks on your back door. We can remind ourselves of all the promises of God and then we drop the bundle at the first sight of rain.

The breeding ground of fear is most definitely my mind. How do I bring control and submission to my thoughts and the fear that grips me?

I once read a book by Joyce Meyer called ‘Battlefield of the mind’ and it really impacted me back then.

One of her key scriptures is this proverb

As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he (Prov. 23:7)

How do we change the way we think?

How do we operate on the fear in our heart?

I think it happens by first of all admitting to yourself and someone close by the thoughts and fears that have taken refuge in your heart.

Someone safe. Someone kind. Someone who will listen and not try to offer solutions.

Maybe write a comment below and start the journey towards a new way of thinking.

I believe one of the greatest hurdles is just admitting that you are afraid and you want to change.

Secondly finding a space/way/opportunity for accountability. Whether its a counsellor, your husband, a friend who you start to unpack some of these fears with and begin the journey of accountability.

What is left in secret, only grows.

That which is brought out into the light, brings truth and perspective to its power.

What do you fear?

Operation fear not has begun in my house.

What about yours?



3 thoughts on “Operation fear not

  1. Hey Amps!

    I have had one of those weeks… Archie has some health issues… Nothing big…! But enough that we spent a half day in children’s emerg… and are off to a specialist in a week.. And on the same day, I went in too work to find out when I could come back…

    It wasn’t a positive meeting… My faith in people was put down… My new found confidence was quickly and thoroughly crushed. and the fear of not having work.. Well it’s been high stress!!

    So I am ALL for operation fear not… Because to be honest a big part if me just wants to pack my kids and husband in the car and travel somewhere new.. Where surely these fears will float away?


    1. Oh no! Megan…what a shame. I’ll pray for Archie and you guys are coming to visit soon.

      What do you find brings you strength?

      I know just having Charl around makes me relax more and trust more.

      Sorry it’s been a random week…

      Email me your number and then I can send you mine and we can chat.

      Much love


      1. Done 🙂

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