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Place: home

Poison: water

Favourite things: visiting friends

I have never known fear like the first time I held our baby in my arms.

I have never known fear like that which plagues me at 3am as I feed him.

I have never really been a person who fears, but lately I have felt so afraid.

Afraid of death, afraid of him hurting himself, afraid of calamity.

One of the main reasons I have tried to turn the tv off this month is because of the desperation and depravity in our world.

The cancer, the decay, the bombs, the poverty, the rapes, the murder, the lies, the activity, the darkness.

It seems as if every new show is a police or crime thriller and the plotlines have to extravagantly outline the depravity of humanity.

As a youth, young adult and adult I have experienced seasons of real tangible confidence. Ability to step up and take on a challenge. The only real fear I have battled my whole life, is fear of man. Fear of people’s opinion.

It seems since I have become a mother the list has grown fanatically. Am I going to hurt him, am I emotionally scarring him, am I enough, will he be hurt by someone, will he be physically hurt.

I know a lot of my fear is based in an inability to trust God. I close my eyes and see pictures that my eyes don’t want to see. I pray and they disappear, but the feelings of fear remain.

I am going to go on a journey of trust and joy with you readers, unpacking and writing devotions from scripture on fear. I want to keep on doing this until I’m in a place where it is somewhat diminished.

What do you fear?

I know you fear something, because otherwise the bible wouldn’t have written Fear Not! 365 times in the bible.


One for every day of the year. This year the extra day, the day you and I conquer it!

I know I’m not great at replying to your comments on here, but I’m going to respond to everyone of them on this journey.

Let’s encourage each other. Not with our fears, but how we have overcome them.

‘Fear not, for I have overcome the world!’




4 thoughts on “Fear

  1. Amanda, I am loving your blog, and each day you inspire and/or challenge me.

    But today I respond …

    Like you I fear for my family, for their safety, their health, my parenting etc. And like you these fears grew exponentially after the birth of my girls.

    But essentially my main fear is trying something new, baring my soul, putting something out there. I am a people-pleaser, people’s opinions matter to me, I know they should’t but they do. I am just starting to choose faith and trust, over ‘safe’ but it’s so hard.

    So count me in for the “fear not” series

    1. Hey Jodie,

      Looking forward to that coffee/tea catch up.

      I have always struggled with fear of people’s opinion and it’s only since Max has been born that I have worried about his future.

      I think in someways this will always be the case, mothers dilemma but I really want to grow in how I trust god.

      Operation Fear not!

      Thanks for your comment.

      Speak soon


  2. Sigh..
    What do I fear?
    As much as I look forward to meeting my maker I fear dying.
    I fear my loved ones dying.
    I fear cancer.
    I fear.
    I fear tsunamis.
    I fear war.
    The list goes on..
    But I know that I know that I know He is in control.
    The world becomes a scarier place when we begin to look at it as parents…
    Looking forward to this series!

    1. Stacey.

      I think you are really brave.

      I think you are strong, capable and creative.

      I’m so excited about the next season of your life.

      Find strength in his purpose!

      I think he had so much for you!


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