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Anxious for nothing

Place: home

Poison: water

Favourite things: suitcases half packed

My little man is not well at all. Crazy times. Lots of crying which I’m not used to at all. Temperatures soaring. There are moments of bliss however when he’s asleep.

Then my next line of scripture says ‘do not be anxious for anything!’

No, today’s not the day I want to hear that.

I want the verse to say, ‘there are some days when a little bit of anxiousness cant hurt.’ or ‘anything but…(sick babies)’

However I come back and read this, in context and I am silenced.

A knowing trust of our God who is near. A piece of advice from a savior thats gone before.

Wisdom I ask today lord?

How do I be anxious for nothing?

His answer…

Trust me, dear child.




2 thoughts on “Anxious for nothing

  1. Just remember when the crying feels overwhelming and never ending… As easy as it is for me to say.. He will fight it.. The snot will clear :p and you will have your chilled out little man once again!!!

    1. Thanks do much Megan he is playing with his Nanny right now soooo much better!



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