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Place: bed

Poison: hot chocolate

Favourite things: weekends

Today has been a crazy old day. My little man has come down with the flu I’ve been battling and he has been high maintenance all day.

Massive nappies, crazy coughs and unable to find a place of peace and rest. This is so different for us, because he is normally so chilled out. We fly overseas on Tuesday and therefore my worries had a field day late last night. What if? What now? What should we do?

In the midst of his coughs and splutters though, he would crack a smile and I melted like icecream.

The next part of the scripture we are looking at is so simple.

The lord is near.

Sometimes I am reminded of this reality and just like Max’s smiles, I melt. My heart softens and I remind myself I am not in this alone.

You see I walked the whole of my twenties single. A random date here or there, but truly spent that whole decade (and some) alone.

Through that season I learnt to see God in the little things and really became astutely aware of his ever presence.

How have I lost the awareness of his nearness?

How can I fret, when I am focused on his presence?

I think in someways I became a little complacent, in some ways I saw some friends go through really tough times and I questioned and somehow…somewhere along the road…I sort of forgot to remind myself of his nearness. I forgot he was the one in control not me.

Play the movie forward a few years and here I am in the middle of the night (that’s when I am filled with fear the most) and I have to remind myself again I am not alone. He has not forgotten me. He is near.


Where it is dark. Where it is uncomfortable. Where no one else wants to go.

He is already there.

He is near…

Selah (which means pause and think, ponder upon such things)



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