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Daring to dream anew

Place: Ayana

Poison: Flat white

Favourite things: travel

I had a major dose of perspective today.

I sat overlooking an infinity pool, with my mum holding my little son, drinking fresh coconut juice, reflecting on the very present moment with gratitude and grace.

I was overwhelmed in the moment relishing in the fulfillment of Gods promise in my life. I started to become quickly aware it was now time to start dreaming anew.

Finding myself a new dream.

Having a family, traveling to distant places, spending intentional time with my mum, a husband, health…these are all dreams that are currently fulfilled.

Life has become a little dreamy and without the stretch, that’s where fear has crept in.

Fear trembles in the presence of faith.

Faith in me rises at a challenge.

Challenge is a little lacking right now.

Time for dreaming some bigger dreams.

Time for some writing I think.

Time for a change.

Gratitude makes fear flee.

Faith makes fear tremble.

Dreams bring about desire.

Deep breath and reflection required this week.

Challenge me lord I pray



2 thoughts on “Daring to dream anew

  1. Hi Amanda

    Loving this topic. Fear has got me in a grip at the moment with a transition for one of the boys and in turn the whole family. Specialists, assessments etc etc. I have had to say goodbye to some dreams of my own and let them die. There are things that haven’t at all turned out the way I had imagined and I’m really in a fog and a literally waitlist about what to do next, how to solve the problem when I really can’t and feel powerless.

    Yet God has been so faithful to us how are we not to lean on him! Trying to rise above the fear of the unknown while remaining faithful to all God has trusted me with is feeling hard at the moment….

    1. Tammy I want to thank you for your amazing heart and the way you encourage me. When I get messages, when you comment, your recent email has been such an encouragement.

      I pray that God would strengthen you in this season. That he would give you wisdom to know the steps to take.

      You are amazing and I value you!


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