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Before God

Place: seminyak

Poison: coke zero

Favourite things: DVDs in bed

I must admit often my recognition of Gods presence in my life can often be relegated to a should rather than can.

Prayer and reading scripture becomes a task to be endured rather than a delight spontaneously encountered,

Living my life before him is inevitable, but recognizing his hand in all things is a choice.

To live Corem Deo. Which means aware of Gods presence in our everyday.

To present our requests before God seems like a funny sentence.

God is omnipresent, therefore he knows our needs, he sees our fears and he can move despite our prayers…

Yet he requests that we present our fears, worries and concerns to him and he will deal with the rest.

Presenting our requests before God is more about acknowledging our weaknesses, that it is parading our prayer prowess.

I am hopeless at keeping a prayer rhythm but I am good at a constant natter with my king.

I want to acknowledge God more, but my fear, laziness and trust issues prevent me.

Just admitting these weaknesses to you, I believe takes away there secret power.

Before God
Corem Deo

He sees everything, but do you allow his hand to move?

Fear, is the absence of faith.
Faith is to believe without necessarily seeing.

Release me dear lord from fear of the future.

Release me.



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