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Place: seminyak

Poison: coke zero

Favourite things: family holidays

To present, is to give something away.

Fear holds grip on us and we keep out prayers even though we believe we have presented them to God.

How often do you give someone a present and then the next day find that you still have it in your possession?


A present is meant to be given, with no expectation of any input to its use or outcome.

Often I pray and then find I have taken back my prayer because I don’t trust God.

Trust is probably my greatest weakness when it comes to fear.

This part of the Philippians scripture implores us to present our requests to God in the context of thanksgiving.

The last couple of days, I still have had little niggles of fear. Watching carefully Max, fearful for his health and safety.

When I pray, I have to hand my requests over to God, present them to him and let go if the outcome.

To trust

To let go

To present

Are you holding on too tight to your prayers?

Maybe that’s where fear is getting its way…

For today, I will trust. For today I will let go…



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