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With thanksgiving

Place: seminyak

Poison: coke zero

Favourite things: the impending marriage ceremony

What a perfect day for thanksgiving. To celebrate with ones we love the day they commit their lives into one another’s care.

Thankful is an understatement.

Thankful for my husband, thankful for a holiday, thankful for the amazing gifts we have been given, thankful for health, thankful for my mum. Thankful.

Living grateful despite the circumstances is an amazing way to wage war on fear.

When we are grateful, we cant help but see the glass half full. When we are grateful worry dissipates.

How are we grateful when we are in a place of darkness?

I believe gratitude is a choice. We can choose to see the best in every situation.

It’s easy for me to be grateful today as I peer out our car window and see young children begging for coins…I need to see the gifts of gratitude in the days that I am covered in Landry, sniffling from the flu and feeling isolated.

Gratitude in solitude

Thankful in the midst of change

Grateful for the small things

Thanksgiving creates a landscape of love and life in your everyday.

What are you grateful for today?



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