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Place: in the car

Poison: coke zero and water

Favourite things: Australia

We’re home!

As we walked through customs in Bali the officers stood with guns guarding the airport.

They searched our bags, they removed any liquid over 100mls, they were vigilant.

Scary in fact.

The next part of our scripture study on fear talks about guarding our hearts.

The scripture refers to peace guarding our hearts.

When we live as thrive in the peace of God, our hearts have customs officers standing guard and searching out any foreigners.

Peace forms an army around our hearts and stops war from inhabiting our land.

Being vigilant with peace, focusing, trusting and relying on the lord.

I am finding the more I trust, the more peace reigns and the more my heart is protected.

My heart being my emotions, my feelings, the hues that colour my everyday.

I have come back from holiday, not so much rested as having a newborn overseas required a whole new level of vigilance, but I am returning with perspective.

Peace please stay
Heart be guarded from foreigners that come to break down my borders.
Fear leave quietly and return no more.



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