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Place: the couch

Poison: sparkling red

Favourite things: ma boys reading books

Today my man and I had a massive conversation all about what we put our confidence in.

Where do you get your confidence from?

In the past I have got my confidence from my achievements, my job title, my eloquence, my friends, my possessions or my family reputation.

These days I am truly seeing that all of these mean nothing. Truly they do not weigh very much.

I want my life to weigh heavy in the kingdom of life not the kingdom of this world.

Our world rates people on similar themes as I used too, yet the kingdom of life rates people on servanthood, humility, peace, generosity, grace and much more.

When everything changes our confidence can be rocked. Everything we have held high and relied upon is removed and often it can rip the rug from under our confidence.

I want to place my confidence in a firm foundation. I want to put my reliance on principles that have withstood the seasons of time, not fads that arise in culture.

I truly want my confidence in the eternal to grow. The only way this can happen is increasing the foundation that it is built upon.

Confident upon His plans not my own.

Confident in His purpose for my life not mine.

Confident in Him.



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