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Blank page

Place: in bed

Poison: toothpaste

Favourite things: a worshipping husband

There is nothing as delicious as a blank page. Some may say chocolate is their vice, others a drop of red, but me the potential of a blank page incites my inner child.

The opportunity, the risk, the delight, the desire, the ability, the smell…

There is nothing like a heightened sense of new.

Today my blank page enabled a new chapter. It spoke positive potential for the future.

It captured my thoughts and have them purpose.

I think we are afraid of blank pages because they are trapped by two words…could and should!

Could is framed by guilt and possession. It stops people from thinking new thoughts and moving in new directions because could creates boundaries that are shadows from the past.

Should is shrouded in shame. It says what everyone else is thinking rather than the betrothed. Shame holds us back because it shapes our tomorrow’s with the failures from today.

I could do this because…guilt says it would be right.

I should do this…because shame provokes me towards its periphery.

I can do this because I am enabled by my abilities and a heavenly helper who is my refuge an strength.

I will do this because I desire life and life more abundant!

Are you afraid of a blank page?

Are you constrained by could’s and should’s?

What would your tomorrow look like if you let go of the shame and guilt from your today?

Pull out a blank page and dream of a new tomorrow…

You just never know what God may write in that space…



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