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Place: doctors surgery

Poison: chewing gum

Favourite things: giraffe toys

Awaiting the nurse for Max’s four month immunization and I am a little bit tentative.

I know they are good for him, I know it’s small pain for protection from greater future pain, but still I grapple with its necessity.

This is our third try for these immunizations for many different reasons.


Why do we hold back from doing the little things that protect us?

Honest conversations- they are immunizations from separation

Exercise- protects our health but we hold back.

Reading scripture- protects and guards our minds from the unhealthy.

A simple salad- yet we lean towards a burger and the sugar loaded.

Molescans- keeping a check on our skin.

Sunburn cream.
Speed cameras

The list goes on. Yet we buck the system. We do everything we can to get out of the pain.

Yet the pain was created to guard us, protect us, keep us safe.

What was created to protect you, yet you are bucking its restraint?

Pain now, often deepens and creates passage for growth later.

Dig deep



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