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Screw self obsession

Place: hairdressers

Poison: cup of tea

Favourite things: my dad babysitting

We live in a self obsessed society. Every second someone posts a ‘selfie’ of themselves on the Internet, every second people post photos of their food, their clothes, their moments.

We stand in queues wishing other consumers away. We watch daytime television marketing another product to make ourselves more beautiful, we lived consumed.

Consumed by ourselves.

No wonder we are so sad. No wonder society is imploding. No wonder we are losing touch with reality.

You see you were not created for the laws of this land. You were not essentially created to live selfishly, you were created in the image of a selfless Saviour.

A Saviour of sacrifice, one of humility, one consumed with others rather than himself.

Selfish pursuit is an epidemic in our world. Self obsession is rife in our families, workplace and churches.

Imagine if we spent more time thinking about others than ourselves. Imagine if we spent our energy, time and money on helping others pursue and achieve their dreams than our own. Imagine what our world would look like.

Imagine the beauty.

Life is beautiful.

Life is full of beauty.

Beauty is not contained in an inward approach to making ourselves famous. The kardashian flavor promoted unbecomingly proves this.

The most becoming people are those who serve others. The most attractive hearts are those consumed with life beyond themselves.

In the mire of self obsession you would be surprised at what humanity can create.

When Jesus was walked to his death, the downfall began with self obsession. Judas lost sight of his relationship in pursuit of gain for himself.

Matthew describes it this way…

For he knew it was out of self-interest that they had handed Jesus over to him. (Matthew 27:18 NIV)

A heart consumed with inward thoughts can only devise evil plans. A heart that leans outward can only embrace beauty.

How much are you thinking about yourself these days?

How long since you preferred another?

Screw this world and it’s self obsession! It continues to create havoc.

Live beyond dear friend. Our world needs some more kindness and love.

Kindness and love are based in an outward obsession.



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