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Breastfeeding, showers and sleep deprivation

Place: bed

Poison: water

Favourite things: my pjs

I now understand why sleep deprivation is a torture tool in war. Trying to teach Max to sleep without his swaddle is pure torture. (and I know he is actually a really chilled out dude, in comparison to other babies)

5 months of being a milk machine on tap, 5 months today of sleep in snippets no longer than a few hours long, 5 months of being unsure whether I have actually showered today being a valid question and 5 months I’m in love.

Max is definitely teething, he is trying to work out how to sleep unwrapped and he is trying our patience.

I am so in awe of mums with more than one child. Mums who work full time. Mums in general. You are warriors! You are marathon experts. You are unbelievably amazing. I am in awe.

If you know a mum today, encourage them. If you know a single mum, buy her flowers. What legends.

I feel far from legendary this evening when I realised I hadn’t showered for two days and with an offer from my mum to babysit so we could go on a date I chose my pjs.

My breasts feel like punching bags, my eyelids feel like lead, my head is swirling with advice, yet I still have a little smile on my face.

He is five months. Where did it go? Five months of writing everyday despite having a newborn! Five months of producing something that makes sense. Five months of making dinner for my family. Five months of pure unadulterated joy.


I am still wearing my maternity jeans and my pre-pregnant ones make it only half way up my thighs but I am okay.

I have put makeup on less than a dozen times since Max has been hanging around but I am okay.

I put on a new top today that I wore for fifteen minutes before spew saturated it completely but I am okay.

I have whole new levels of multitasking capacity, especially as I sat at the car servicing department this morning at 8am in 2 degree temperatures.

Life as I know it will never be the same.

Just as it should.

We are okay.

How about you?

Love you all mummy’s!!!

Gee, I can’t believe how much washing a 5 month old produces…

(we’re still okay!)

Ps- whoever said that breastfeeding is an amazing, bonding, life changing, delightful experience; they lied! It bloody hurts…



4 thoughts on “Breastfeeding, showers and sleep deprivation

  1. Made me laugh out loud – all true.

  2. Soooooo true!!!!!

    I was looking at my hair yesterday thinking it was in such bad shape and I couldn’t figure out why…. Turns out I hadn’t washed it for awhile… Lol washed it, it’s looking much better!!

    And two things that have helped me: ergo cocoons… They are tight around their bodies, but have arm holes.. So they feel nice and tight but their arms are out 🙂 bit of middle ground!!!

    And Baltic amber teething necklace… No idea how it works… Or if it is just coincidence… But Archie popped through 5 teeth with no fuss.. Then I lost it… And he cried for a week until I bought a new one!!! I really have no idea how it works!! But going with it 😀

    And CONGRATULATIONS for breast feeding for 5 months!!!!!! Awesome work!!! I didn’t get to do it for that long but I bet your areas are sore!!!!

  3. Preach it Sister! Sometimes saying it out loud makes it not so overwhelming! Congrats on 5 months of Mothering! You are doing a wonderful job!! Xxxx

    1. Thanks so much girls! Megan I have some of the beads, just a little concerned about him falling asleep and them being tight on his neck…crazy how fast 5 months goes hey!!! Love all your comments and support.

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