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Sacred space

Place: the crabtrees

Poison: roast chicken

Favourite things: time to reflect

In the background of the house I am staying, all day a looping track has been built to create space.

It’s airy, light, it’s operatic, it’s luminous, it’s sacred.

A sacred space is being constructed. A sacred space is being built. It’s foundations are keys, it’s rafters are ebbs and flows. The music is being constructed ready for our conference tomorrow.

As I listen it causes me to stop. To step out of the traffic and reflect, to ponder, to read, to create.

A sacred space.

Where is your sacred space?

Is it in the charts of a music score?

Is it in the glare of a untouched canvas?

Is it in the folds of fabric unhemmed?

Your space awaits you.

Creativity is burgeoning.

A friendship between you and an idea is evoked.

A sacred space.

It’s prepared.

It’s encountered.

It’s deliberate.

Find your space today.



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