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Place: Jeff and Julie crabtrees house

Poison: red licorice bullets

Favourite things: new sheets

I stood in a space today that continues to reflect the image of God through the ages.

A collection of bricks, a slathering of mortar, paintings, stained glass windows, surrounded by homeless folk, prostitutes and businessmen.

I wonder what prayers the soft sand of the limestone bricks contain? I wonder what hands were held in secret in the pews? I wonder what lives have been radically transformed on top of the floorboards? I wonder?

Innovation is at the very core of Gods being.

He created.

The earth was formed by His breath.

We were birthed by His thoughts.

Colour, life and friendship were designed by His words.

God is colour. God is life. God is friendship.

They all reflect His beauty, they all reflect His being.

Without God, colour has no meaning, without God beauty is futile.

Without God friendship bears no fruit.

Innovation is the foundation of our being. You were created to reflect Him. He innovates we reflect it. We innovate we reflect Him.

What is it that you are reflecting?

How long since you have created something new?

How fresh is your connection to the Creator?


Can’t wait for the next few days… The Inaugural SPARC conference 2012.



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