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Place: Manly, Sydney

Poison: water

Favourite things: Jeff and Julie

I arrived today in Sydney with my little max and have been overwhelmed with friendship.

I am here to be a part of a pilot creative conference, but I really didn’t want to be here in a random hotel by myself with my little man.

Friends have made this all possible. Friends are the greatest extension of heart and soul. Deep spirited friends.

My day started with my aunty flying on the same flight as us, holding and helping me with Max the whole way. So selfless, so timely, so amazing. It just happened we were flying on the same day.

Then my cousin mike who was picking his mum up, helped max and I get all our luggage off the carousel. It’s been so long since I’ve seen him and it was such a delight to be greeted by family.

Then my dear friend Claudine who had hired a car for us, waited at the hire car place and sorted it all out and then let me follow her in the car (more than an hour out of her way in peak hour traffic) to my other friends house Simone and Lance who leant me a porta cot and gave me dinner and some love.

They then sent me on my way to Jeff and Julie crabtrees house where I am staying. To be meet with hospitality, friendship, a warm heater, special conversations and a cup of tea.

None of this was over organized it just happened.

With people I am so grateful that time and distance doesn’t change our depth of conversation.

I am surrounded by the most beautiful people.

Life is too short to do it alone.

Live extravagantly with friends.




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