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Place: in bed

Poison: cordial

Favourite things: my own bed

Max has a little tooth coming through. Down the bottom of his mouth, it’s sharp pointy and it broke the surface of his gums today. It’s still got a way to become a whole exposed tooth, but it’s really happening.

He is teething.

Charl and I both said last night, what was God thinking?

Why weren’t we just born with our teeth and why do they get old and fall out?

What is with that?

To see my little one in pain is awful. To see him grow something that hurts him and there is not much I can do to help him.

He just needs to bare it. A bit of panadol, a necklace, a rusk and lots of love.

My poor little man.

If it was an adult I’m sure I would have philosophy on pain brings growth and growth is good. Pain let’s us know how much we have changed, that pain brings about fresh new perspective.

But I’m sorry with my little one, no philosophy can be spouted. It’s just awful to see him in pain.

The only lesson I can draw from this journey of teething, is this…

My heart breaks terribly to see my son in pain. Imagine how much God the father aches when he sees you in pain.

He is the father to the fatherless, he is a God of mercy and compassion. His heart breaks for his people, he longs to help us, but also gave us free will to do our own thing.

We’re off to Sydney tomorrow and I’m excited but hoping Max flys okay.





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