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Redemption and Refuge

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Two words that keep reoccurring lately in my reading and my thoughts are big ones. They are misunderstood, they are lifelines. They are the very heart of God.

Redemption and Refuge.

Today I was reading my current favourite psalm and it finished like this…

‘but the lord redeems those who serve him. No one who takes refuge in Him will be condemned.’

It has really arrested my heart today.


Deliverance; rescue


A place or state of safety

The beginning of this year was a time when so much was changing and in some ways I felt really ripped off with some circumstances in my life. It took me a long time to be able to communicate these deep feelings, it took me a long time to even face the reality of what happened. Life truly seemed very unfair in some realms and then in others completely and overwhelmingly generous.

I needed some redemption. I wanted to know that the Lord would bring justice, that he would redeem those who served him so faithfully for such a long time. Redemption and deliverance truly needed to occur.

What do we do when life throws us curve balls that we don’t understand?

How do we respond when we believe friends and family have been wronged?

How do we trust a God that seems to delight in the unusual?

What I have been learning with six months distance between these feelings of discouragement and confusion is the only response that can bring comfort, is finding refuge in something/ someone beyond and trusting in his redemption.

What you sow you reap!

If you sow bitterness, you reap bitterness. If you sow mistrust and gossip, you reap mistrust and gossip. If you sow hatred you reap it.

Live beyond those disappointments that confuse dear friend. Live beyond people’s opinions, decisions and mistakes. Live beyond those deep hurts that try to contain you.

If you reach out and trust a God of redemption and refuge, He ultimately will have his way.

He will bring about his plans and purposes even when people fail us. He will bring his way and his deliverance in
times when we truly don’t understand it.

Basically in the end he will have his way.

The question I am asking myself though…

Do you trust his refuge and redemption
Amanda? Is his ways enough?

What about you?

What do you trust for redemption, in whom do you take refuge?



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