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Provoke truth?

Place: SPARC

Poison: white tea

Favourite things: a room full of innovative people

Where is your truth?

What is your truth?


What is it?

We were designed to live a provocative life. The word provocative has been framed and tainted by this world. Yet it originated in a place of stimulating a response in others.

To provoke.

To prod.

To intersect.


Causing provocation, esp. deliberately: “a provocative article”.
Arousing sexual desire or interest, esp. deliberately.

Are you deliberate in the way you live your life?

What is the soundtrack of your life provoking in others?


Truth pointing to beyond. Truth that leads people home.


Your life is leading people somewhere.

Towards sexual desire

Towards consumerism

Towards manipulation

Towards beauty

Towards presence

Towards Him

What are you provoking?

You were designed to provoke something. Step away from the side of the hall, step forward into your arena, provoke response.



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