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Place: in the car

Poison: water

Favourite things: home

Land is such an envied commodity in our society.

We work hard to purchase it. We work hard to toil it. It works us hard.

Land is something that nations fight over, land is something people have lost their lives for. Land is precious.

In our times land equals wealth, land equals potential, ownership of land places you at the top of the food pile.

Why don’t we place more value on
our spiritual land then?

What is in the physical, mirrors the spiritual.

Each and everyone of us has spiritual land that we have been given.
You have a field, a hill, a plot, a desert, an ocean of land set out before you.

What is your land?

Proverbs 12:11 says this

‘he who works his land will have abundant food but he who chases fantasies lacks judgement.’

We sat discussing this verse at Hugo’s in Manly tonight as the sun set, before we stepped on a plane towards home.

The conversation was simple but has the potential to be life changing.

What is my land?

What has God set before me to plow, seed and grow?

What is your land?

What have you been privileged with…

More than ever our world chases fantasies, a reality tv, quick success, obsess driven society, full of quick take away meal goals.

Fodder, chewing gum, big macs of the mind.

If only I won the lotto, if only I just got that big break. A culture of if onlys.

Scripture implores us however that we each have been given an inheritance, each a promise, each a purpose, each land.

What is your land?

Find it, plow it and make it grow.



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