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What is your sentence?

Place: home

Poison: flat white

Favourite things: the boys!

Bob- the builder

Mother Teresa – fed the poor

Neil Armstrong- walked on the moon

Jesus- friend of sinners

What’s your sentence?

When people describe you, what do they classify you by?

Amanda- gossip, tart.

Amanda- friend of the lonely.

Amanda- world peace activist.

What’s your sentence?

How will people read, then describe your life?

Amanda- dull and bland.

Amanda- busy and disconnected.

Amanda- honest, hard worker.

Amanda- brilliant mum.

Amanda- actively pursues compassion and mercy.

I believe we all are described by friends, family and foes with adjectives that describe our life.

Does yours match your deep beliefs about your passions?

Ask your friends how they describe you. Ask them what sentence they use to categorize your life.

You might be pleasantly surprised or terribly disappointed.

You get to write your sentence.

It just takes intention and time.

You can change your sentence.

It just takes passion and focus.

What is your life sentence?

I’m not sure yet, about mine, but I’d love to find out how others describe me.



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