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Do what you love

Place: hairdressers

Poison: tea

Favourite things gumtree

What do you love doing?

What do you procrastinate with?

What do you do and time flies?

Life is way to short to hate your everyday.

Are you bold enough to do what you love?

Every job has its hard times, every job has painful clients/people/colleagues, every career has moments of growth.


What can you put up with, to mostly do what you love?

How can you make a living out of what you love?

Then embrace it, follow it, dream after it and make it happen.

I am realizing that life is just way too short.

If it means you live with less, you sell off some of your excess and live lighter.

Do it.

Stuff is just that.

A new wardrobe won’t make you sing (unless your passion is fashion)

A new car loses its smell very quickly

But passion and happiness cannot be bought.

Live what you love today.



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