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Place: home

Poison: flat white

Favourite things: being home

Fear holds so many of us captive.

Fear holds us in a place of condemnation and constraint.

What holds you back?

Curiosity compels us forward but fear keeps us contained?

What contains you?

What keeps you living small?

What stops you from giving? What stops you from living life beyond your now?


Are you curious about what your life beyond today could contain?

Live a curious life. One of searching, seeking, trying to find the fresh new perspective, learning something new.

A curious person is a person who is propelled towards growth.

Has your life become stagnant from fear. Fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of public opinion, fear of being different, fear of loosing yourself.


Combat your fear today with curiosity.

Live curious.

Instead of thinking about walking inside that art exhibition, do it.

Instead of thinking about going to higher education to learn a new skill, do it.

Instead of thinking I might join that dance class, step inside and look. Set yourself free.

Fight fear with curiosity for the future.

Be curious and combat your fear.



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