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Place: cafe

Poison: Pepsi max

Favourite things: gym on Saturday mornings

We all need a dose of perspective sometimes.

Often I get lost in my sense of injustice that I lose perspective. I lose sight of what truly matters. I forget how blessed my life is.

The fact that I have food in my fridge is a bonus not a right.

I remember a story of a little man called Got. I met him in a village in the middle of Thailand. He was orphaned by aids and he was super excited the day I met him because an Aunt had come to visit. (he got to see her maybe once every couple of years) and she had given him a one dollar note equivalent (baht actually) as a present.

He was overwhelmed with excitement. One dollar. He ran immediately to the village shop and bought himself an icecream. The most expensive one. A drumstick.

He ran back to where I was sitting with a group of his orphan friends. With the cheekiest, craziest smile on his face. An icecream that extravagant was a once in a few year treat.

What happened next took my breath away. He proceeded to walk from child to child, orphan to orphan and give each child a lick of his icecream.

Tears streamed down my face.

One little man with so much loss, had shared the only little thing he had.

Perspective gained.

How often are you stopped from giving because you question motive, you question how they will use it, you question?

This weekend is the 40hr famine for world vision and I am so aware of the compassion fatigue that has become rampant in our society.

Every news piece about the asylum seekers raises a groan, we allow the messages on social media about injustice to float by, we ignore the plight of the forgotten.

The truth is we have so much. We are overwhelmed by choice, we have the resource to not only buy a icecream but the whole factory if we really worked at it.

What stops you from being part of the answer?

Often I find…




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