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Save our sleep

Place: bed

Poison: toothpaste

Favourite things: friendship & family

Today I read Save our sleep. With my little mr nearly 6 months I have read a lot of different sleep routines, books and websites.

Until this week we have been doing pretty well, but post tooth number one and two, our sleep has been getting smaller and smaller and our little man has been struggling.

So operation save our sleep began today.

We actually went pretty well.

The only problem is I am most creative before I fall asleep and when you are awake three times or so a night, I am coming up with more and more ideas.

The more ideas, the less energy, the less energy, the more spacey. It goes on and on.

If you’ve had a baby you get it, if not standby.

What can I do about these ideas collecting?

Let them go and pray if they are worth keeping they’ll come back.

How about you?

When are you most creative?

Find a way to capture it.

The shower
The car
The shops



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