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Place: home

Poison: champagne

Fav things: finishing touches

Today at the gym I was thinking about strength.

Strength in women is often discouraged.

Strength in women is often out of balance.

But strength essentially is the capacity to rely upon and pull through when it counts.

As I lifted (very small) weights, I reflected on my core being strengthened and what this will do for my family, my health and my future.

As I reflected, I was listening to a podcast and it became apparent that as for the physical, so indeed in the spiritual.

We need to be strengthened for days of trial, we need to strengthen our spiritual core for times of challenge and stress.

Strength in a realm that is beyond our own capacity, a strength that is eternal.

Do you feel strong?

Do you know you have the capacity to endure?

What is your internal strength-o-meter today?

Our lives are increased and developed as we decrease and Christ increases.

Do you allow him to increase and bring you strength?

What’s your training program on the inside like?

Living a life of strength and lean conditioning is a life of brilliance and finesse.

We were designed to run, not grow weary.

We were designed for a marathon not a sprint.

We were designed to thrive not shrink.

You, dear friend were created to flourish!

To flourish from strength to strength.

Strengthen your heart my friend. Decrease so he may increase. Train hard, play hard and live beyond.

Strengthen your weary hands and hearts, knowing that he is near.



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