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What a day…

Place: home

Poison: Flat white

Favourite things: this very day

I woke with a very simple thought.

A simple thought but also a revolutionary one.

My day today is very simple. Wake (way too early for this creative), feed my son, eat breakfast, a little more sleep, the gym, bake something for a friends house tonight, a friend is coming to visit, then dinner with some besties!

My revolutionary thought was this.

What a great day to be alive!

What a privilege.

How simple yet how radical.

Your simple everyday is more than some people could wish for in a million years.

Food in the fridge, friends on my doorstep, the health of my family, a story to be told.

We live in brilliant and privileged times.

There are people in our world today who shrink in fear from oppressors, shiver in waiting on the doorstep of war, pain in the shadow of poverty, cry in the mourning of loss.

Our world is so very broken, yet most people reading this blog have more than we could ever hope for.

More life
More friends
More food
More resource

What a day to be alive!

What a priceless day.


The stillness and simplicity of your day

Give thanks



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