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Who are you walking with?

Place: home

Poison: Pepsi max

Favourite things: my husband talking to his Ouma in South Africa

Max came so close to crawling today, I was sure it was.

It fascinates me to watch his development and how he learns. First to crawl, then to pull up, then to stand, then to walk.

He observes everything, watches everything and soaks it all up. He wants to be like us in every way already and often is frustrated when he can’t do what we do.

It got me thinking today about who we copy, who we emulate, who we want to be like?

Who do you walk with?

Who inspires you?

Who makes you want to live beyond today?

If you are always surrounding yourself with people that are smaller, less goal orientated, with less capacity than yourself, it may be a sign that you struggle to humble yourself.

I find people who are afraid of hanging out with bigger people than themselves, often have a pride problem.

I love surrounding myself with bigger people.

Bigger thinkers, bigger dreamers, broader dwellers.

People who stretch my thoughts and my capacity.

People who live beyond today.

People who challenge and stretch my thinking.

People who are very different to me.

How about you?

Do you put yourself in uncomfortable places often to stimulate and promote growth?

Or do you pursue comfort?

Who do you walk with?

Do you purpose your days with people that stretch you?

Do you seek mentoring moments?

I believe who you walk with today, will form the type of life you will live tomorrow. Your friends are not just suppose to make your today fun, I think they are meant to walk towards your destiny and in someways help you to shift from crawling to walking.

Walk tall, with people that live bigger than you.



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