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People were created to be loved
Things were created to be used
The reason the world is in CHAOS
Is because things are being loved and
People are being used.

I am not sure who penned this, but as I floated around Instagram today it wrecked me.

Our world is consumed with things yet we were designed to be consumed with people.

As I sat on my floor today loving my little man, I realised the mobile phone in my hand splitting my attention between him and the Internet was not helping him crawl.


I was involved in a planning meeting for Christmas today and we briefly danced around the topic of consumerism and Christmas.

Imagine if we all made a decision this Christmas to focus more on the people rather than the presents. the stuff. the things.


What is it?
Focused attention. Intentional time. Full of presence.

How is your love of people?
How is your love of things?

Maybe this September you could join us on our spring clean of the heart and decide to alter the focus back onto people rather than things.

Me too.

Download the spring clean template today and join us.

30 days of inspiration.



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