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You can have what you are willing to struggle for.

3 days till september.

3 days till spring.

When I wrote my first book, I struggled year in year out to put pen to paper.

The struggle beckoned.

It was painful.

I felt like I was giving birth to a baby.

The struggle was so worth it though. I decided I would write a chapter everyday for a whole month and the journey began.

I set an achievable goal, I changed what I was doing in that month and the journey began.

This spring in the realm of our hearts, homes and health I am challenging you to a struggle.

A wrestle.

An opportunity for change.

Are you desperate enough to truly make changes that last?

First- set simple achievable goals
Second- gain accountability, put it out there.
Third-no excuses, just do it.

Are you ready.

September, get ready for change.

If you want accountability, print the printable and email me.

Love you!



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