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The last couple of days I have been glued to social media as one of my closest friends give birth to her first child.

The blessing of social media meant that although far away, text messages, pictures, emails, Facebook and Instagram keep me in a live time loop of the absolute sheer joy.

The downside however meant my brain was somewhat distracted and tired as I trawled social media all day long.

Although I got a text message and email in the first moments of communication, I sat glued to my phone hoping for any more information or joy to be expressed.

Watching tv, watching max, going to the gym, walking along the beach…every activity was coupled with my phone in hand, scrolling down people’s live updates of what they were doing also.

Every waking hour over the last 48 or so I have checked in, scrolled around, wanting to be a part of this amazing beginning of life.

What it has done though has filled my mind with such a lack of focus.

I haven’t listened properly to conversations, I haven’t watched anything with intentionality, tonight as I tried to read an amazing but really intricate book, I could not focus.

My brain felt like it had been chewing gum for 48hrs straight and my heart feels a little weary.

Not only does social media have the capacity to join families on opposite sides of the country together on special occasions, it also allows people to fill our minds with images and thoughts that are so unproductive.

I think some of the chaos in our lives is due to the constant state of distraction we find ourselves in.

Do I think social media is bad?


Do I think it had its place?


It has the capacity to overtake our minds though and allow mould to fuzz up our clarity and focus.

Are you feeling a lack of focus?

Then maybe check what is distracting you?



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