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Somedays it’s only commitment that holds us accountable to the goals and dreams we aspire too.

Somedays everything seems against us yet a commitment to living larger helps us gain strength.

Somedays setting the goal can be the easy part it’s sticking to it when everything seems against you.


Then there are those days.

Those days when a new season

Those days when a drink falls out of a drink machine the first try.

Those days when the traffic just clears as you stream through the middle.

Those days when a car backs out of a perfect parking spot as you turn the corner.

Those days when your coffee is just right, your toast unburnt, your poached eggs soft, your wallet has cash enfolded in its silk.

Those days.

Those days when setting a goal, making a change, overcoming the world is your passion and motivation.

Then there is every other day. The normal, bland, in between type of day.

A new month begins tomorrow, a new day when you have the capacity to join us in the September Spring Challenge, it may be a someday, one of those days or every other day but I want to challenge you to make a commitment tomorrow and see something change.

Accountability is one of the best ways to follow through on a commitment.

Make a simple goal
Tell someone
And then make a difference in your world and those closest to you.

September Spring challenge is on the eve.

Be part of the answer.



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