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Today as I pounded the treadmill I listened to a podcast for a second time.

I wanted to listen to it, because so often I am distracted.

The lady who just walked in, the trainer who is chatting up another client, the television, oh how much have I done already, oh no I’m supposed to be listening to this podcast.

Start again.

Wow that’s a great point, oh what a beautiful day, how about later, what shall I have for lunch, KFC, ahh don’t think so…

Damn, I did it again.

Start again.

How often do I live distracted?

How often do you live distracted?

I would put money on the fact that most people live distracted…

Our kids are distracted, our homes are distracted, our schools are distracted.

Our hearts are distracted.

We are a distracted people.

It’s only by disciplined accountability that we zone into our worlds and find focus to be the change in the world.

Do you want to change your circumstance?

Change your distractions!



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