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the road not taken


‘Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and sorry I could not travel both’ Robert Frost

When it comes to a good choice and a bad choice regarding my health, why does the bad one always feel best at the time?

Emotionally I have never had a great relationship with food and my choices often reflect this. A brilliant day ends with a sabotage attempt at comfort.

In the gym yesterday someone wrote on a big piece of paper on our communal pin up board.

30% relies on what you do here.

70% relies on what you put in your mouth.


The one thing I am good at is making big picture plans. I like accountability and I feel satisfied when I follow something through.

So to help me make better choices and maybe someone else might need help as well, I’ve made a printable to help us on our health journey.

Print it out and fill in.

Pin it up somewhere prominent

And begin to follow through on those choices.

healthy (printable here)

Every choice we follow through on, enables us to be one step closer to our goal.

My goal is not perfection it is simply bringing a balance to my health and wellbeing.

Whats your goal?

What choices keep sabotaging that goal?

30 days of

day 6, this is about when the wheels normally start to fall off….

For me anyway, Im sure you’re doing great.


2 thoughts on “the road not taken

  1. Tried to concentrate on your post, but the picture of the Christmas Chocolate-Filled Doughnuts, oozing melted chocolate, distracted me…. 😉

  2. That made me laugh! See thats my problem. Damn pinterest

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