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Design Sponge


I woke this morning to a banging headache, a sleepless restless child and a chaotic household.

We have a best friend visiting with us from Kuala Lumpur and having a very small apartment for our little family of three, a thunderstorm and a party of four makes for beautiful chaos.

The thought of creating beauty around my home in this context was a little overwhelming until my husband brought me a coffee in bed, three little squares of chocolate and I grabbed a book lent to me from a dear friend.

Inspiration arose.

The chaos faded and excitement, design and creativity won.

Sometimes we think we need the perfect setting, the perfect moment and the perfect atmosphere for inspiration to arise.

Not true.

We just need to stop.

I find reading or flicking through something inspirational has the capacity to shine light.


Try this book!

It is so inspiring

Called ‘Design Sponge at home’

Here for less than thirty dollars and I promise your home desires will be ignited and satisfied.

design sponge

Sometimes it just takes leaving the dishes undone, making a cup of coffee and diving into something fresh to allow the malay to fade away.

Need inspiration on a budget, go to your local library and hire out a heap of interior design book.

Need some colour and life go to your local op shop and buy yourself five old school magazines for fifty cents.

Need some home inspiration by this book from book depository today, you won’t be disappointed.

Dive into some fresh ideas for home.

You will feel so inspired by little things.

Thanks Bonnie for the lend.




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