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Journalling: express yourself


Over the last few years journalling has gone from one of my favourite pastimes to my most loathed.

I don’t know what happened, cynicism, tiredness, fatigue.

Actually I think a combination of all three.

I found myself in a place where the thought of pulling a journal out to write was painful.

I read my bible, drew and scribbled in its pages, I wrote my blog occasionally ( before 2012), I wrote little notes and left them all over the place but journalling became a little passé.

One of my September spring clean jobs is to clean out my journal box. I have a huge antique postal box from the 1900s and it is overflowing with journals.

The advent of the iPhone age, a time where I became quite discouraged in general though signaled the end of my prolific journalling.

Today I have realised it’s power in the realm of our hearts.

It is so important to have a safe place where we can express ourselves.

A listener that is completely partisan. The pages of a journal are Switzerland, and you find safety there.

The importance of finding a safe place to express for our heart is that we were not designed to carry all we do in our hearts, I believe we were deigned to let go and trust in a greater being.

That’s where journalling is so important. The blank pages make our hearts refresh and reflect. The blank pages as they fill provide a place of perspective and expression.

When we hold our thoughts and concerns to ourselves, they deeply burden our hearts and cause decay.

In the past I have found when I let go and I write down my experience, lessons, a short prayer, a big whine. When I express my thoughts through written word, my heart is cleansed and I am ready for a new day.

Journalling is not really in vogue at the moment, but I have realised that I desperately need it’s expression.

In some ways this blog is that, but I need more.

And I hazard to guess so do you.



1 thought on “Journalling: express yourself

  1. Thanks for this :o) I’ve just been reflecting on why I still come back to my journals even though I might wander away for a while. Never more than a week, but to me that’s huge!

    I don’t know where I’d be without the past 9 years of journals. I would have forgotten so much of what I’ve learnt and how God has kept me faithfully in His plan. That’s what I tell myself when I find the book of the moment has been neglected for too long. I need a record of this season for some future day!

    Keep the journal going!

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