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Be healthy be happy


Healthiness is often determined by our levels of happiness.

This month this picture is my screen saver on my phone because I am determined to change my approach to happiness and health.

Throughout my life I have had a love hate relationship with exercise and food.

As a dancer in my teens I battled many years of dark approaches to food, I battled severe self image issues and happiness and health would have never been in the same sentence.

I have lost twenty kilos and then put back on thirty, then lost twenty five then put on some more.

Health and happiness has never been about fitness and energy for me, it’s always come down to weight management and severe cycles of disappointment and regret.

Some days it completely makes me laugh that I married a personal trainer who has competed at the world championships in body building.

God has such a sense of humor.

I have been determined since the birth of my little son, to make my self image and perception be submitted to a healthy lifestyle of fitness and happiness.

I can look at this photo everyday now and not drive myself towards those abs, but focus in on her smile and her strength and know that is my goal.

I want to live fitter for my little son, I want to live healthier for my husband and I want both first and foremost for myself.

How is your relationship with your self image?

How is your relationship with your health and happiness?

If you haven’t joined us on this 30 day journey towards our September Spring Clean; its not too late, set some goals and be encouraged change is just one step away from permanency.

You just need to start the process.

Health & Happiness my 30 day journey.



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