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Memories made


When I think of Christmas I cannot remember one present that my parents painstakingly save for.

I don’t remember the details of the food, I dont remember what people were wearing, I don’t remember the fights and the failings.

All I remember are the amazing memories and the traditions that have stuck.

Like the piñata after lunch for all the kids, the pillow case that was our Santa sack, counting Christmas tree lights as we drove home on Christmas eve from church together. BBQ breakfast with all the cousins gathering, swimming in the pool and volleyball ferocious.

I remember laughing and I remember eating, I remember crazy times of stories and drinking, I remember feasts full of people and presence.

I remember the moments that made memories and created a Christmas junkie in me, longing for just one more fix of Christmas cheer.

Tonight at family night I was researching Santa sacks, as it will be Max’s first and we reminisced about our Christmases as cousins and the tales of Santa and friends.


As my uncle read out his grace tonight as we all gathered to eat around the table once again, I was endeared towards the thought that traditions and memories create home.

Our homes are warmed and consolidated by traditions and memory making moments that are cherished.

What are your home traditions?

Chinese on a friday night with a movie?
A hot coffee together before you rush off your separate ways?
Scrabble on lazy Sunday’s with cheese and biscuits?
Moët champagne on christmas eve as you open presents?

What are the memories you are making?

Because memories are being made, but you can’t be sure they are good ones. Let the memories you make be full of life and love, freedom and strength. Memories and traditions that create a strong home.

Homes are built up and strengthened by reliability and consistency. Traditions are the rafters to this desire.

Choose your traditions today, or they might just choose you.

Choose life
Choose memories that are life giving
Choose traditions

They are worth every little piece of effort.



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