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In the midst of a stressed out world, it is easy to disengage to save our hearts from the pain.

However we were made to live engaged lives.

Not blissed out, oasis seeking, ignorant ones. You were created to make a difference.

People are hurting, people have a story, all we have to do is ask a question and listen…there are stories awaiting to be told.


Our families are longing for it, our friends are hungry for it, our neighbors don’t even know they need it.

An engaged people is one who are aimed and ready to make a difference and to be present in the midst of a hurting world.

I spent the afternoon with a 17 year old that is 5 days away from giving birth. Single, rejected, alone. We didn’t talk that deeply, we just hung out and I did my best to engage in her world.

Who’s missing your wisdom because you haven’t noticed them?

Put your phone down and listen a while.

Life is awaiting engagement!



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