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It’s 5am and the only thing that could make this lack of Sunday sleep in beautiful is the delightful scream of my son as he plays with his toys.

Whilst making breakfast I turned off morning television and cranked up Spotify with some Christmas tunes.

I sung loudly to my son and celebrated the dawning of this new season with a serenade.

It makes me smile, it makes him stare with a bemused look…

I’m thinking he’s thinking ‘my mum is a little strange’

Were all a little strange though.

I’m strange, you’re strange, we’re all a little left of centre!

So seranade a little, turn up the radio in your car, sing silly a little.

Play music as you fall asleep, turn it back on and sway as you clean, turn your house into a theatre.

The joy
The laughter
The silly season

Embrace silly, it will warm your families heart.

Sing loud and proud.

Plan to go to a carols by candlelight with friends.

Serenade someone today. They might look at you a little funny, but something I’m them will be delighted.

Go on.

I dare you!

The cafe barista
The bus driver
The hairdresser

Sing a little.

Tis the season!



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