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It’s most often the days that we don’t want to, that risk becomes necessary.

Taking risks is an essential part of creative and inspirational living.

We need to take risks.

We need to live on the edge.

We need to explore.

Just like our children naturally do. We say to our children all day everyday, ‘be careful’…

Careful living leads to boring, suburb dwelling.

Risk taking, emergent, thought provoking behavior leads to world changers!

When was the last time you went somewhere for the first time?

When was the last time you scared yourself by doing something new?

When did you last take a risk?

When I was learning to scuba dive a couple of years ago, everything within me was petrified. From the shark stories, to my fear of failure, I was paralyzed with fear most of my dives. One thing that scuba diving taught me though, was that I had a major trust issue with my instructors and Charl. We learnt to scuba dive before we got married and one solo dive we did together I refused to allow him to take the lead. It was a dangerous situation, the waters were really rough and someone had been taken by a shark in the area.

My lack of trust in his leadership opened up a major debrief which helped our pre marriage journey immensely. What if we hadn’t taken that crazy risk together? My trust of him as the leader in our marriage could have never been tested and therefore developed and grown.

Risks open us up to vulnerability.

Vulnerability exposes our weaknesses and our strengths.

This place of exposure causes us to thrive.

Are you struggling to thrive?

Maybe your not taking enough risks?



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