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Lately I find myself living moment to moment rather than years in advance.

For many years I was in event management so I lived a couple of years ahead.

It created a tension in my life, that only now I can see with clarity.

I dealt with the pain of today by planning and preparing greatness in tomorrow.

Often I found myself in the most amazing places of the world, planning another trip to that exact place. I would miss the joy of the moment, because I was busily planning a future date.

I never found one place that I could just abide.

Christ says abide in me.

I think I found myself living in the future, but I lost the joy of abiding in the now.

Do you find yourself busily planning the future?

Do you project your thoughts to future plans to take away the pain of the present?

Today I am learning to abide.

‘Abide in me’ the bible says.

That is my challenge today.

What’s yours?



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