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Sometimes I just takes a simple sentence to change someones whole week.

Hi, I care.

Full stop.

There is a whole lot of carelessness happening around our world.

A war in the Congo where more women are raped everyday than any country in the world. People shrug their shoulders.

In the gulf of Thailand over 15,000 children are sold into piracy and slavery a year working on boats so we can have cheap seafood.

In china and India 5 and 6 year old children sit at sewing machines day and
Night so we can have that to Tshirt just 5 bucks cheaper.

There is a whole lot of people that don’t even consider these facts.

And those who do, don’t really have the time to care.

How about starting with just your Neighbour?

Your sister?

Your friend?

Your Granma?

Preaching to myself here.

Do you care?

I wish I did just a little more.



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