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Somedays we just need to relax and enjoy the season for what it is. Today I have had Christmas tunes pumping, baked up a family night storm and tried to get my kind off those things that are just not necessary to stress over.

This season of Christmas we can get overwhelmed and crazy or we can just accept our limitations and just do our best.

Sometimes our best makes others unhappy. Sometimes our best makes others bark at us. Sometimes our best doesn’t meet our own unrealistic expectations.

Just relax.


Take time to shake it off and find something better to fill your time with.

This year I am trying to wrap a present each day and clear out the manic part of the season little by little.

Rather than run around seeing everyone I am going to two weekends of carols by candlelight and inviting everyone to each one and they can come to us.

Take it easy.

The season was not created for manic consumerism, it was created for celebration and belief in something greater.

It’s all about the ethereal. The beautiful. The delightful.

I have been quite consumed with Christmas angels lately and their part in the Christmas story.

Angels are everywhere.

Relax and contemplate them.



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  1. Great post Amanda,

    Love the idea of wrapping a present a day too, it will also create excitement for my girls as they slowly see the bottom of the tree fill up.

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