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I have a group of girlfriends who all used to flat together at some point.

Not all at the same time but at some point we shared a house together.

No matter how long it has been since we hang, there is an ease and a conversation that is comforting.

No airs or graces.

Singing loudly not caring what the other think.

Crazy and deep conversations.

Beautiful moments.


For me I called this group the green tea cup club.

We can’t really be called a club anymore because clubs meet regularly.

We are lucky if we are all in the same room together once a year.

But we have context.

We all know if something life changing happened we would gather.

The day my little man was born it was those girls I spoke to on the phone.

They were one of the first in the room to hold him.

Last night randomly for no reason what so ever we gathered.

It felt comfortable.

It felt like home.

Silence and screaming all in one night.

Music and madness.

Great conversation and not needing to create context for current dilemmas.

When we all flatted together we questioned…

Who would marry me?
Am I pretty enough?
What job should I really have?

Now with 90% married and 70% with babies, those questions are somewhat answered.

Now a whole new level of questions have arisen.

Gather with those who don’t need context.

Gather, it’s necessary!



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