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The desert

Scripture says that the magi (the kings) came from the east of Jerusalem.

They followed a star to the place where the king of all kings lay swaddled in manger.

The songs make it sound so delightful, like they were going on a holiday.

That they walked a little while and then knelt down and went back to their hotel and had a shower.

Ah no.

The journey from their lands afar to that stable in Bethlehem was a long and treacherous one.

It was full of flies and little water and lots of desert.

Even though these men were kings, royalty, magi, they crossed the desert, the itchy sands and terrain to worship a little baby boy.

I think we struggle when we go through a desert to find God.

I think we pull out at the first sign of trouble.

I think we are often to quick to fall apart when we are seeking God in a situation because we live in a culture of quick, fast food, microwaveable answers.

Imagine if you were royalty and you had everything you could ever desire yet you had to walk and ride through days upon days of desert to seek Jesus.

How fickle we can be.

How long have you been seeking your answer?

Sometimes a time of desert dwelling precedes the place of purpose.

The desert is not all bad, I believe the journey is what stretches our capacity, our ability and our character.

If you are in a desert place, keep walking I believe you will find what you are looking for.

Especially when you come as a king ready to humbly bow and worship.


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