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Shine bright

Tonight I came along side a team of people and worked with them on a big carols event.

Chaffing, sunburn and sweat, I forgot you are the nasty companions of event management.

There were groups of people tonight who faithfully served, despite the nasty three and made the event sing.

Often people watch the people on stage, yet forget the ones who laid the stage they are standing on.

Way after the clapping has stopped ringing, it is those same people who are packing the stage away.

They don’t get applause yet they play their part.

There is a background narrative in the nativity story.

The narrative of the star that did its job.

Quietly without applause, or noteriety the star of Bethlehem served its purpose by serving the bigger picture.

The star lead people home to ignite light on where Jesus lay.

The star.

A simple piece of rock.

Played such an important part of the story.

A pivotal link.

People wouldnt have known where to go without it.

What’s your part of the bigger picture?

Are you serving yourself and your own selfish pursuits?

Or are you a part of a bigger plan, working with a group of people to make a big story bright?

Working together is imperative to living beyond your own limitations.

I would prefer to be in the background shining brightly than onstage with the lights on me any day.

Servanthood is a key to living a large life I believe.

Letting go of our own picture, to be a part of something far greater.

Shine bright dear friend.



2 thoughts on “Shine bright

  1. Beautiful post! I’m glad it went well. You are so right-the behind the scenes is underrated but such fun to be part of. The Carey Community are blessed to have you mentor them. x

  2. Mya has a book completely about this star 🙂 she loves it x

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