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Those who said no

If someone knocked at my door late at night asking for a bed would I say yes?


Maybe not.

Before we had Max it probably would have been a 90% yes, 10% no answer.

These days it’s a little different with a vunerable little man involved.

Play the movie some more, what if the person knocking was a 9 month pregnant woman?

Maybe yes. Probably yes. Oh I’m not sure.

How about you?

I would hope that we would say yes.

The bible simply says ‘there was no room at the inn’

Scholars saying that because the census had brought everyone back home to their own villages, the hotels, motels and holiday inn were booked out.

Imagine being the manager of the hotel that said no to Jesus being born in your lodgings?

Imagine being a person, when Joseph knocked, with Mary in the background moaning said no?

Imagine going down in history as one of the people that closed their doors on the most significant event of all time?

Sometimes it is scary to say yes to the unknown, it is scary to go out on a limb for humanity, it is scary to throw caution to the wind and help another person.

However, imagine what’s on the other side of that yes!

Imagine if you said yes and a whole new world awakened in your midst.

Sometimes our no’s preclude us from life changing circumstances because of fear.

What are you saying no to out of fear?

Who is knocking at your door?

Sometimes we just need to say yes.

Don’t turn your back on those in need this Christmas.



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